Production of aluminium castings by lost wax process.

Our products comply with the high demands for the investment castings for aerospace, defence, transportation, health care and other industries.

MESIT foundry
Quality tested in the most demanding industrial fields

We benefit from more than 70 years of experiences in a production of aluminium castings manufactured by lost wax process method.

MESIT foundry machining shop is equipped with 5 axis machining centers allowing us to supply aluminium castings including additional machining.

Regular maintenance and a renewal of the manufacturing equipment ensure our continual competitiveness.

Quality system is certified according AS EN 9100, rev. D, for aerospace suppliers.

Our customers are the manufacturing companies in electrical engineering, transportation, medical equipment and optics.

Experiences and state of art technologies

Experiences and state of art technologies

Team of our designers is able to solve also complicated tasks

We belong to the top producers of thin wall castings from aluminium and copper based alloys, made by lost wax process method. We are important European supplier of high demanding Al castings.


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19. 7. 2023

New Robotic Solidification Technology Improves Casting Quality

The engineering production of mechanical parts, especially in the aerospace and military sectors, places high demands on the quality of the products supplied. MESIT machinery (member of the OMNIPOL Group) is therefore focusing on research and development of new foundry technologies. In 2022, it developed a unique robotic workstation for solidifying aluminium castings, which it is successfully testing this year.


17. 3. 2021

Successfully passed recertification audit AS 9100

We are pleased to inform all our customers that MESIT foundry, a.s. successfully passed recertification audit AS 9100 rev. D which had taken place in the company between 1st and 5th March 2021.