Established and maintained quality management ensures the stability of all company processes



All activities and processes are transparent, easy to identify and provide evidence of conformity with customers’ needs and effectivity requirements.

Management system of the share holding company is certified according EN ISO 9001 from April 1998 and also according to AS 9100, from March 2009. Recertification of the management system was done according ISO 9001:2015 and according to AS 9100D on 5. 3. 2021 by Lloyd`s Register EMEA.

Inspections, testing, measuring

Inspections, testing, measuring

The prescribed inspections and tests are performed in the course of all the stages of production, including development, purchasing, and dispatch good to customer. The basic technological processes are monitored and the measured values are recorded and archived.

  • Analyses of the melt chemical composition
  • Analyses of the melt gas content
  • Tests of mechanical properties - material strength and hardness
  • Metallographic tests
  • Capillary tests
  • Radiographic tests
  • Dimension measurement using 3D measuring equipment

Inspection department employees are trained for all the methods required for meeting high demands of our customers according to the EN 4179 and NAS 410 standards, training classification LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3

  • VT visual inspection
  • kPT capillary method
  • Radiographic method

X-ray testing

X-ray testing

Testing set follows demanding requirements for radioscopy and radiography for aerospace parts

It is carried out for parts with maximum dimensions 600 x 900 mm and weight to 60 kg.

Maximum thickness of the tested material:

  • for Al – 140 mm
  • for Fe -34 mm

The x-ray station gives the opportunity of viewing defects in analogic and also digital forms and creation of radiographs.

The part of the x-ray station is an automatic developing station x-ray films brand NOVA, film processor 7070/100 from GE Inspection Technologies.

Effective inspection on semiautomatic testing equipment TIEDE

Can be used for maximum tested part dimensions 800 x 450 x 600 mm and max. weight 50 kg. The device is made of 8 stations set up in the line and working in semiautomatic way.

Used materials:

  • fluorescent emulgation penetrant for capillary inspection  - SHERWIN HM406
  • powder developer for fluorescent penetrants SHERWIN D 90G
  • developer on the base of water suspense SHERWING D110A.1

All those materials are approved for aerospace. Penetrant test done on semiautomatic inspection device TIEDE is reviewed under UV light.


Management of MESIT foundry, a.s in accordance with the company strategy pronounces this quality policy.

In the sphere of management

  • To improve efficiency all company processes base on the results gained from its measurements, monitoring and analyses.
  • Focus on our customer with stress on maximal efforts in solving customer´s needs and requirements, ability to offer low cost solutions and continuous improvement of economic effectivity and product and service quality
  • To increase the level of customer satisfaction through the high quality of offered products, firm delivery terms, customer friendly pricing, OTD reliability, including professional attitude of all company workers.
  • Reaching high productivity and profitability, minimize the price of scrap and the fees caused by impact of our activities on environment or health damaging of our employees.
  • Implementation and development of the quality management system according to the setting of standards ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 and EN 9100:2016.

In the sphere of collaboration with employees

  • Creating the positive company culture base on the qualified, motivated and loyal employees
  • To give to all employees above standard social conditions, working and safety equipment.
  • Work together with employees to determine quality targets and during this process go out from increasing quality of work, a prevention of environment pollution and following rules of OSH.
  • Ensure early access of all employees to relevant and secured information through the Internal Information Network.
  • Improving technical and material support for achieving the high level of work with the consideration of environment prevention and occupational safety.

In the sphere of partnership with suppliers and public

  • Deepen relations with material and service suppliers and with these partners develop further rules of all management systems and in the field of delivery executions demand fulfilment of these rules.

The company management further engages to enhance consciousness of employees and knowledgeability of the other interested parties with the Quality policy of the company, with its rules and systematically improving efficiency of whole Quality management system.

Quality policy will be regularly reviewed by company management from the point of suitability and accordance with the long term company strategy, requests of interested parties, international standards of ČSN EN ISO 9001 and  EN 9100:2009.