We produce high quality castings in our foundry.

Parts produced by lost wax process method

Parts produced by lost wax process method

We have extensive experience with casting of aluminium and copper based alloys castings.

Wax patterns are made on the modern injection presses from SHELL-O-MATIC INC. with the use of hard filling waxes.

For shell making we use robotic line from VA Technology Ltd.

  • Weight of produced castings from 2 g to 10 kg
  • Maximum casting dimensions are 600 x 450 x450 mm
  • Wall thickness min. 1 mm

The quality of our castings follows the requirements of European and American standards and the standards for aerospace.

During process control the bar code system is applied and the key manufacturing processes are monitored.

We offer more than just casting

We offer more than just casting

We have the facility for heat treatment of aluminium investment castings and their final machining

Aluminium castings produced in our foundry can be on customers’ request heat treated in our ovens, machined in our machining shop and surface treated. The heat treatment is done according to the standard AMS 2771.

On customer request we can also organize supply of high pressure die casting and gravity die casting Al castings.